Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Meaning Of The Gifts

As requested, I am providing you a brief statement about my experience in Vietnam with regards to receiving a care package from home. This is a photo taken of me when I was serving in the Navy.

As a Navy storekeeper, I was assigned to the Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit 302 (Seabees) located in Bien Hoa, South Vietnam. It was Christmas Eve, 1971, and we had all gathered to celebrate Christmas and sing Christmas carols. We were all given "care" packages that were sent to us from people and organizations in the States that we did not know. They did this purely out of the generosity of their own heart to show support for us in the military who were away from home during the holidays. This act of kindness touched me deeply. And now, as a way of "paying it forward", I always give the same kind of support to our men and women in the military in appreciation for the generosity and kindness I received. I hope you will also give them your support.

Guy Blair
Folsom Lake Kiwanis Club